Anesthesia Apparatus Checkout Procedure

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1 Visual Inspection / Initial Steps

Possible Faults

1.1 Quick visual check for:

  • Obvious damage
  • Missing components
  • BioMed notice of Return-to-Service
  • Electrical power cord plugged into receptacle with generator backup

1.2 Turn on accessory monitors

  • Allow gas analyzer to warm up

1.3 Back-up ventilation equipment available

  • Self-inflating resus bag & O2 source


  • incorrect assembly / damaged parts

2 High Pressure System

2.1 Check O2 reserve cylinder supply

  • System master switch OFF, pipeline supply hoses disconnected, bleed cylinder pressure to zero with O2 flush

  • Open O2 cylinder and verify at least half full (approx. 1000 psig)
  • wrong cylinder - double gasket defeats pin index system or pins are broken
  • dust protection cap still in place
  • Check for leaks:
    • Listen - no audible leak


  • missing gasket; cylinder not seated in yoke properly
  • cylinder valve stem loose
  • unused yoke vacant with no yoke plug
  • Open flowmeter - no flow seen
  • machine master switch allows leak
  • Close cylinder - pressure gauge drops less than 100 psig in five min
  • cylinder control valve leaks
  • leaking pipeline check valve

2.2 Check central pipeline supplies

  • Check hoses are connected and pipeline gauges read 45-55 psig


  • hose connection problem
  • failure of central O2 supply

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