Condition Critical / Condition Critique

Saturday, February 11, 1995
Chateau Laurier
Ottawa, Canada


  1. Initial Trauma Assessment - The Anesthetist's Role - Ian Zunder, M.D. Ottawa
  2. Current Issues in Fluid Resuscitation Following Trauma - Edward T. Crosby, M.D. Ottawa
  3. Fat Embolism - The Trauma Victim's Bad Break - Albert J. Varon, M.D. Miami
  4. Blunt Thoracic Trauma - J. Hugh Devitt, M.D. Toronto
  5. Physiologic Monitoring of the Trauma Patient: What's Old, What's New? - Albert J. Varon, M.D. Miami
  6. Emergency Surgery During Pregnancy - Ralph Yarnell, M.D. Boston
  7. Neonatal Resuscitation - Robert D. Elliott, M.D. Ottawa (Note: several large GIF's)
  8. Acute Severe Asthma: Status Asthmaticus - in the ER and the OR - Jon Hooper, M.D. Ottawa
  9. Anaphylaxis and the Anesthetist - John W. Bradley, M.D. Toronto


The symposium also included an Airway Workshop - Edward T. Crosby, M.D.

Presented by the University of Ottawa, Department of Anesthesiology

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