Monitoring and Equipment / Monitorage-Appareillage

Saturday, February 5, 1994
Chateau Laurier
Ottawa, Canada


  1. Trouble-shooting the Anaesthetic Machine - J.Jeff Andrews, M.D.
  2. What Can Gas Monitoring Tell Us? - Robert Elliott M.D.
  3. Pitfalls and Limitations of Pulse Oximetry - D.John Doyle, M.D.
  4. The Pulmonary Artery Catheter: Accuracy and Safety - James G. Ramsay, M.D.
  5. Anaesthesia & the MRI Suite - Judith Tough, M.D.
  6. Clinical Applications of the Laryngeal Mask Airway - D.John Doyle, M.D.
  7. Cerebral Oximetry and Other New CNS Monitoring Techniques - John Murkin, M.D.
  8. Continuous Cardiac Output: Myth or Reality? - James G. Ramsay, M.D.
  9. Variable-ByPass Vaporizers and the Desflurane Vaporizer - J.Jeff Andrews, M.D.
  10. Infusion Pump Technology & Techniques - Donald Miller, M.D.
  11. Automated Anaesthetic Record-keeping - Michael Bourke, M.D.

Presented by the University of Ottawa, Department of Anesthesiology

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